What Is a Neurotic Personality and How to Recognize If You Have One


There are definite signs which indicate a neurotic personality. These symptoms prove where we are on the Five Factor Model of your Personality! I have a neurotic personality, which comes at no surprise to me. I kind of figured I did anyway, seeing as how I cannot go through a single day without having at […]…

Creating a Ketogenic Diet Habit: Five Low Carb Foods For Success


Create a Ketogenic diet habit. That was my number one goal for the New Year. I had read about the benefits of a high fat/low carb diet in a book by Gary Taubes, entitled Why We Get Fat. The results sounded compelling. Not only could I lose weight, but I could improve my blood chemistry at the same time. My problem was, I had miserably failed at low carb diets before. I could do them for a few days, but the lack of natural food replacements meant I had little or no variety.

ketogenic diet habit

I know what you are saying. How can you lose weight and get better blood results with a high-fat diet? S…

Mall Opens its Doors for Stray Dogs During Winter Storm


Despite the heavy snow pummeling Istanbul this weekend, the city’s stray dogs were safe and snug thanks to a generous local mall that opened its doors to the homeless pups. Turkish volunteers at the Atrium Mall in the Bakirkoy neighborhood gave the hounds warm blankets and food during the storm. LOOK: Romanian Shelter

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4 Struggles Only Ambitious People Who Are Naturally Lazy Will Understand


Are you one of those ambitious people who at the same love to just do nothing? I am constantly torn between wanting to go out and conquer the world and having an extra hour or three in bed. I am one of the most ambitious of people; I take on more work than necessary, study […]…

Deepak Chopra and New Diet Supplements on Dr. Oz Show


Deepak Chopra explains how meditation is a key to lowering our stress and stimulating our body on the Dr. Oz show. He says the biggest fallacy of meditation is that we are not supposed to have thoughts during meditation. Chopra says if you can brush your teeth then you can meditate every day. He shows us a simple 5 minute meditation anyone can do daily. First, sit down and chant “Chevo Hum” to yourself. Next, think of someone you love for a few moments. Then think about what you want for just a bit. Relax, and open your eyes. Do this 5 minutes a day and you will lower your stress levels and be healthier.

First Ever Study Shows Chair Yoga is Effective Arthritic Treatment


This is the first controlled study that shows chair yoga to be more effective at arthritic pain relief than health education programs or pharmacology.

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