Why You Shouldn’t Fear Rejection

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How to Stand Tall Over Rejection

I reject the fear that rejection is something to worry about. Let me explain.

Rejection almost never happens. In fact, rejection—at least the kind we all so desperately fear—is extremely rare. To prove this point, I ask my audiences two questions.

“How many of you have been rejected by a person in a way that truly hurt your identity and prospects in life? In a way that significantly impacted your feelings and forever altered your self-worth or potential?” Everyone raises his or her hand to this kind of question.

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10 Carl Jung Quotes That Teach Profound Life Lessons

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Here are some powerful Carl Jung quotes about life. Carl Jung was a Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist who founded analytic psychology. Jung developed many concepts including extroverted and introverted personality types, the collective unconscious and is still influential in psychiatry today. Many of Carl Jung quotes about life are widely known and are as powerful and […]…

7 Ways To Stop Worrying About What Others Think

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Do you find yourself constantly worrying about what others think of you? Are you worried that people might be judging you and what you are doing? If so, you may be worrying too much, as many of us do. It can be hard to stop worrying about what others think and to be more carefree. However, there are some things you can do to start making it easier for you.

In today’s society, it’s easy to get caught up in feeling worried about how you may look, or what others think of you. You may not realize that you are worrying too much, so I have put together a few signs that you can take a look at to see if you agree with any of them. Then I will discuss how to stop worrying and start living.

Signs That You Worry Too Much About What Others Think

There are a few signs that may tell you that you are worrying too much. Here are some of the signs below:

You’re afraid to say w…

Why Scientists Agree That Dancing Is the Best Way to Get Fit and Live Longer

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“You only live once; but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~Mae West

The other day, I saw a bit of a clip from a video of the Stones’ last world tour. Mick Jagger was prancing round the stage like an eighteen year-old.

It was a bit depressing. Why can’t I do that still?

I used to be a demon dancer. Well, I thought I was at the time, like teenagers do.

I don’t feel like a demon dancer now. I really ought to get some more exercise.

Do you feel like that? That you ought to exercise, but you can’t really get up the steam to do it? That somehow, it’s all too much hassle, even though we all know how important it is?

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place y…