How to Reward Yourself

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Slow down and take time to appreciate the little victories. How to Reward Yourself
We live in a culture that promotes constant rewards; often those that are counterproductive. Reward yourself for sticking to a diet with a juicy hamburger! Paid off your debt? Treat yourself to an expensive pair of new shoes! But effectively rewarding yourself is far more complicated than you might assume. Highly driven people often fail to pause and effectively acknowledge a job well done, especially smaller successes that are required on the road toward a big goal. Burnout, compromised personal life and health, and lost perspective can result.

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Doctor Speeds Down Burning Highway On Motorcycle At 2am To Evacuate 8 Preemies From NICU

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While Dr. Scott Witt was at home one night he received a shocking phone call. “I got a call at 2AM basically saying that there was some fire encroaching on the hospital so we might have to evacuate,” the California doctor recalled. It was a wildfire. The doctor told his family to leave,

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An Ode to the Number Pi by Nobel-Winning Polish Poet Wisława Szymborska

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“…nudging, always nudging a sluggish eternity to continue.”

I am thinking about time this morning — about how it expands and contracts in the open fist of memory, about how the same duration can feel like a blink or incline toward the infinite, or even do both at once. Eleven years ago today, Brain Pickings began — birthed by what feels like another self, one that was once myself but no longer is and never again will be, and yet tethered to who I am today by some invisible thread of personal sensibility woven by and of time. As I look back on my most important learnings from the first decade, I am thinking of Simone de Beauvoir and…

The Most Powerful Tool We Have Is Influence; Here’s How to Wield It

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“Hell isn’t a place, it’s other people,” is a quote loosely translated from French philosopher Jean-Paul Satre’s one-act play No Exit. Keynote speaker Todd Davis got a chuckle from the SUCCESS Live Long Beach crowd when he asked if anyone could relate to this quote. That’s because we’re often measured by the results we get, but our results rely on other people—“People who won’t do, or change, or behave the way we want them to.”

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Davis, who is Franklin Covey Chief People Officer and author of Get Better: 15 Proven Practices to Build Effective Relationships at Work (Nov. 7, 2017; Simon Schuster), says 30 years of coaching the world’s most successful leaders…

An Apple alum is helping people land secret gigs on the 'hidden job market'

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Joe Meyer Execthread

Job openings for senior roles are often not advertised. 
Apple and AOL alum Joe Meyer has established a “clearinghouse” type site to help experienced employees find new opportunities.
“You enter this odd, weird world that everyone knows about, but no one really talks about, of jobs that are never listed, never published and you have to find out about them via word of mouth and or through a recruiter calling you or reaching out to you,” he told Business Insider.

There’s an entire shadow job market out there.

According to Forbes, only about half of all jobs are ever advertised. And most of those “hidden” roles are senior positions — dire…

6 Symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity: Do You Have the Ability to Sense Energy Fields?

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Are you feeling strange lately and cannot explain why? Maybe you have an electromagnetic sensitivity from all the electronic devices surrounding you. Yes, we are surrounded by technology. Smartphones, computers and other wireless devices provide a window and a voice to the outside world, this is true. But for some of us, we are surrounded […]…

Secret Experiment In 1971 Reveals How To Install The Genius Of Anyone You Admire

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Have you ever met someone who made you wish you could instantly become just like them? Are there actors, business people, scientists, and artists whose mindset you would simply love to adopt? Everyone feels that way sometimes, and it can be disheartening to think that it’s not possible to become another person.

But what if you were able to install the genius of anyone you admire? Shockingly, it turns out that you can. The little-known Raikov Effect demonstrates precisely how anyone can become someone they admire. Whether you yearn for more charisma, are desperate to be an entrepreneur or want to tap into your capacity to invent something world-changing, there is science out there to help you do so. This introduction to the Raikov experiments (and their subsequent refinements) …