Black Friday workers share their 12 best tips for shoppers

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If you want to score the best deals and not get taken for a ride this Black Friday, who better to turn to for advice than the people with extensive knowledge on the matter?

So Business Insider asked more than 40 Black Friday workers to share their best advice for shoppers and what mistakes they should avoid.

Here are 12 tips that could help you get the most out of your Black Friday shopping experience.

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Unless you plan to be one of the first people in line, don’t bother camping out or lining up

16 cocktails you've probably never heard of but are perfect for this holiday season

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best cocktails

There are tons of amazing and unusual cocktails that most people don’t know.
Instead of once again going for the eggnog this holiday season, try one of the fun, relatively unknown mixed drinks we selected.


It’s the holiday season. You’re at a party. And you go for the eggnog. Again.

A classic is always a solid choice, but variety is the spice of life. Sometimes, it’s fun to go for a bolder, lesser-known drink, if for no other reason than to impress your dates or friends with your cocktail know-how.

Business Insider put together a list of outstanding but relatively unknown mixed drinks that you should try this holiday season.

We pulled most of the recipes from Liquor.com and Serious Eats. The cocktails using Coi…

11 things unsuccessful people do over long weekends

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• Thanksgiving is this week — which means some workers in the US will be getting some time off Thursday and Friday.

• Business Insider reached out to three experts to get a sense of some pitfalls to avoid during long weekends.

• They recommended protecting and being intentional with your time off.

Many people across the US will have Thursday — and, potentially, Friday — off, thanks to Thanksgiving.

We already know what successful people will be doing over the long weekend.

But what about the unsuccessful people among us? What mistakes can we watch out for and avoid?

After a…

5 tricks Barbara Corcoran used to build a company where hardly anyone quit

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Entrepreneur, Barbara Corcoran Shark Tank

Barbara Corcoran is a real-estate mogul and a star investor on the ABC series “Shark Tank.”
She said she ran her real-estate agency — The Corcoran Group — the way her parents ran her household.
Lessons from her mom and dad include eliminating complaints and making sure everyone had fun.

Barbara Corcoran says her mother was a “drill sergeant.”

It makes more sense when you find out that Corcoran was the second-oldest of 10 kids, nine of whom grew up to be entrepreneurs.

Corcoran herself started real estate brokerage firm The Corcoran Group, which she sold for $66 million in 2001.

In a conversation with Business Insider US Editor in Chief Alyson Shontell on the podcast “Success! How I Did It,…

After interviewing 140 people at the top of their fields, Tim Ferriss realized almost all of them share the same habit

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For his new book “Tribe of Mentors,” bestselling author and star podcast host Tim Ferriss sent 11 questions to 140 people at the top of their fields.
He found that regardless of industry, the vast majority of respondents had a mindfulness or meditation practice.
He meditates every morning for 20 minutes and has found it’s improved his emotional control.

Tim Ferriss has been on an especially introspective journey over the past year. 

Continuing in the vein of his other work, he decided to share with his audience what he’s learned along the way.

In the last 12 months, Ferriss had the 10-year anniversary of “The 4-Hour Workweek” (the book that made him famous), had a couple close friends die, gave a viral TED Talk largely about his stru…