5 Reasons You Aren’t Successful

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Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. It’s time to get out of the way.Even the most successful people in the world have failed to achieve success at some point, when failure reared its ugly head and knocked them down. The sting from failure can stick around for quite some time—longer than you might imagine. You’ve probably felt it, too.

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But what caused them and you to fail? Here are five reasons you’re not achieving success:

1. You don’t know what success looks like.

The most common reason we fail to achieve success is because we haven’t defin…


71 of 2016’s Best Books to Make You Successful

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Commit to becoming your best self. 1. 10 Percent Entrepreneur

Live Your Startup Dream Without Leaving Your Day Job

By Patrick J. McGinnis
April; Portfolio; $28

Everyone knows that building a startup means hard work and long hours, with payment in stock that may turn out to be worthless. Indeed, that’s part of the glamour. But it also keeps some people with good ideas from getting started. Patrick J. McGinnis, a Wall Street venture capitalist, says don’t worry: You can “live your startup dream without leaving your day job.”

Devote 10 percent of your time and capital to pursuing your dream, McG…


Reading List: Why Won’t You Apologize?

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Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts
As a former staff psychologist at the Menninger Clinic, Harriet Lerner has studied apologies for more than 20 years. She says you don’t need to know when an apology isn’t coming or “when a bad apology flattens you.” A good apology can deliver almost instant healing. Author of the best-seller The Dance of Anger, Lerner writes with humor and an easy intelligence about apologizing, making amends and forgiving.

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Why Won’t You Apologize?
By Harriet Lerner
January; Touchstone; $24


This article originally appe…


Albert Camus on Consciousness and the Lacuna Between Truth and Meaning

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“From the evening breeze to this hand on my shoulder, everything has its truth. Consciousness illuminates it by paying attention to it.”

Albert Camus on Consciousness and the Lacuna Between Truth and Meaning

“The need of reason is not inspired by the quest for truth but by the quest for meaning. And truth and meaning are not the same,” Hannah Arendt observed in her brilliant treatise on the life of the mind, adding: “The basic fallacy, taking precedence over all specific metaphysical fallacies, is to interpret meaning on the model of truth.&#82…

No More Tears: How Reese Witherspoon Is Disrupting The Hollywood Gender Gap

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…Not only are Witherspoon and Papandrea partnering with studios to get their books made into films but Ms. Witherspoon is also getting the juicy female roles she craves… Bravo! When confronted with stupidity, narrow-mindedness or worse the traditional “American Way” is to “disrupt” it in the same way that Uber is disrupting the taxi business, Airbnb the hotel business, and Tesla the car business….

It's Hard Not To Cry Watching This Emotional Video Which Shows The Best Love In The World

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An Emotional Heart Tearing Video that Shows True Parental Love

Get some tissues ready. This video will make you cry and cry hard. Watch it to the end for a look at the best love in the world: parental love.

Parents only want the best for their children. They brought us into this world and kept us safe from harm. If their love was a force field, it would be a mile thick, surrounding us continuously. An unconditional love, a parent’s love isn’t always reciprocated, and yet they continue to offer their love and support.

Children do not …

What Not To Do Anymore In 2017

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Ditch These Habits In The New Year

Does your mentality need a makeover for 2017? It’s traditional to start a new exercise or diet plan in January, but have you ever considered trying to overhaul your attitude and general approach to life instead? When it comes to honing in on your priorities, achieving your goals and increasing your overall happiness, there are seven bad habits you simply have to kick before you can start taking giant leaps forward. Don’t expect that such drastic change will be easy, but it will definitely be worth it when you start noticing the diffe…

Remembering My Friend and Sister, Debbie Ford.

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It is with deep sorrow that I share with all of you the news of Debbie Ford’s passing. Debbie and her sister, Arielle, have been a part of my family for over 20 years. We have shared together much of our growth – our joys and our sorrows.

Needless to say, Debbie will live on as part of us for the time remaining for us, and live on in all of you who benefited from her wisdom, love, compassion and desire to elevate the lives of everyone she touched. Debbie was very brave in the handling of her illness, a rare form of Sarcoma. Even i…