How To Stop Emotional Eating With Mindful Eating Techniques


Emotional eating is incredibly common, but it’s also widely misunderstood. Do you ever find yourself eating candy or big bags of chips after a hard day at work, often without seeming to make a conscious decision to do this? Do your diet plans immediately fail whenever you have relationship problems, financial worries or self-doubts?

If you think that this picture sounds eerily familiar, you’re not alone. Emotional eating can be a source of shame and frustration, but there are ways to beat it. The trick is to learn more about your triggers and develop a pattern of mindful eating that replaces the old, self-destructive pattern of being an emotional eater. This guide could help you change for the better and learn to see food in a more positive light again.

Am I Really Hungry…

Good News in History, August 8


  Happy 80th birthday to legendary American film star Dustin Hoffman. Voted by acting school classmates as “Least Likely To Succeed”, Hoffman went on to win two Oscars for roles in Kramer vs. Kramer and Rain Man. Known for his versatility, he starred in The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, Little Big

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How to Win in Life Every Day


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