Business Secrets Of The Trappists


Columbia Business School Publishing is releasing my book, Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks, today. The book is based on this article that originally appeared on in 2009. I especially want to thank Fred Allen, the leadership editor here at it was his idea to turn this piece into a book. I also want to thank you, my readers at for your continued support and encouragement….

18 habits of highly successful people


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Success can seem like a great mystery — some people are destined for it while others aren’t.

But that’s probably not the case. While luck and genetics may play a role, there are certain learnable behaviors which make success more likely.

Over on Quora, there’s a thread dedicated to sharing some of those learnable behaviors. We rounded up 11 intriguing ones below.

You’ll notice that none of these habits require major life overhauls. Instead, it’s about making small tweaks to your daily routines that could potentially result in huge payoffs.

Read on to find out what makes successful peo…

5 Productivity Tools That Will Make You a Millennial Time-Lord


You’re reading 5 Productivity Tools That Will Make You a Millennial Time-Lord, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’re enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

If you’re on this Pick The Brain, you already know how essential productivity is. It supports you to work-smart and lower the time…

8 US colleges that are just as — or more — selective than the Ivy League


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Ivy League schools have begun to release early admission numbers for the class of 2021. They’re considerably higher than the regular-decision admissions numbers that will come in the spring.

Although the Ivies are notoriously tough to get into — their regular admission acceptance rates range from 5.2% to 13.96% — you might be surprised to learn that other schools have even lower acceptance rates.

Below, find eight US schools that are even more selective than some of the Ivies, according to statistics provided on the class of 2020* admission rates from school websites or admissions offices dire…